Thursday, October 1, 2009

Confirmed: Barack Obama Has Small Testicles

There was no doctors' report. No official White House statement on the matter. There was no press release and not even an annual presidential physical. But the world will note that yesterday, September 30, 2009, was the day that the answer to one of the world's greatest lingering questions was finally revealed: The leader of the free world has small balls. This came as a surprise to many of us on the right who have long suspected that the president had no testicles at all.

Yesterday, the White House announced that President Obama will take several weeks to review the nation's Afghanistan "strategy", a code word liberals use when they're really talking about "surrender". Yes, my friends, Barack Hussein Obama will now take several more weeks to review proposals his military advisers gave him more than a month ago. Since the requests for reinforcements began gathering dust on the president's desk, some 43 American troops have been killed waiting for commander-in-chief to respond to their commander's plea for aide.

Of course, there will be no aide, and Barack Obama is showing us what liberals meant as they shouted "What about Afghanistan?" during their protest of the Iraq war: "Why can't we surrender on two fronts instead of just one?" It is simply a fact that liberal Democrats were never truly interested in "finishing the job" in Afghanistan. Certainly they are no more interested in peace in Afghanistan than they were truly interested in freedom for the Iraqi people, a fraudulent support that quickly unraveled as they pretended to be shocked to learn that people die in wars.

The president's blinding ineptitude in managing this war is a result of inexperience, disinterest and weakness. He announced all the way back in March what he touted as a "new strategy" for Afghanistan, but as late as September was saying no new troops should be committed until we have the right strategy, a tacit admission that either a) his "new strategy" has completely failed or b) there never was a "new strategy" to begin with. Just words. My money's on option "b".
September 30, 2009 - Another American died in Afghanistan on Wednesday, the final day of September--and exactly one month after the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan sent a confidential war assessment to the Obama administration, warning that more forces are needed--soon.

On August 30, Gen. Stanley McChrystal sent Defense Secretary Robert Gates a war assessment in which he said more U.S. troops--and a new U.S. strategy--are needed if the U.S. is to defeat the insurgents in Afghanistan.

Since that Aug. 30 date, a total of 43 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have died in a war that is now the subject of much discussion--and apparently some confusion--in Washington...

..In his confidential report, which was leaked to the Washington Post on Sept. 21, Gen. McChrystal warned that defeating the insurgents will not be possible if the United States fails to "gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum" over the next 12 months.

As reported on Tuesday, Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to reinforce U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which he described as war we “have to win.”

As president – in March 2009 – Obama announced a “comprehensive new strategy” for Afghanistan: “I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to prevent their return to either country in the future,” he said.
The same president who devised America's new "Bend Over, Western Europe foreign policy and is cheerily optimistic about our "constructive beginning" in talks with Iran is will not travel to Copenhagen to talk about the upcoming Olympic games, of which his hometown of Chicago is a competing bidder.

Nice, Barry. Absolutely brilliant. What a clean, bright and articulate black man. The president of the United States lacks the will power to stand up to our enemies and do what is necessary to win the wars in which we are currently engaged. Good choice, America.

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