Saturday, October 10, 2009

DNC Ad: "Healthcare bill is bipartisan. No, wait. Nevermind."

You really have to hand it to Barack Obama and his crew over at the Democratic National Committee for their abiity to turn virtually nothing into a whole lot of something. In his weekly address, President Obama touted what he seems to think is a wave of bipartisanship over his healthcare reform bill. It doesn't exist, of course, but that didn't stop the DNC from releasing an ad just hours after the address. Why, it almost seems like a concerted effort by liberals to fool the American people into thinking Republicans (the good guys) are now for this heaping pile of bile. The nerve!
That's right! This dramatic government takeover of 1/6 of the nation's economy is so bipartisan that two former Republican senators, one liberal Republican governor and a former Bush cabinet official like it! Well, actually, Bill Frist immediately clarified his remarks once Democrats started using his "I'd probably vote for it" comment. He amended his response 5 days ago, but that didn't stop Democrats from thuggishly quoting him in their ad:
“There are five bills on the floor now -- none of them are perfect. People try to put words in my mouth saying ‘You support the Baucus bill.’ I don’t support the Baucus bill as written today,” Frist told ABC News Radio on Monday. "It’s going to cost way too much and we’re not going to get all the uninsured into the marketplace .... There’s some egregious things in there that will cost all the taxpayers too much money and not give them anything.”
Nothing about this bill is bipartisan. The ad all but admits that by quoting just four Republicans, claiming bipartisan support, then admitting they don't have enough bipartisan support to pass the bill. It's the ultimate flip flop and all within a 30 second ad.

And don't forget, Democrats shouldn't need a single Republican to vote for this bill. They have super-majorities in both chambers of Congress. The fact that they are resorting to ads like these means one thing: they don't even have all of their own ducks lined up to vote for this thing. Not even close. I'm reminded of Republican National Committee chairman, Michael Steele's comments on this very point. "Up or down, baby!"

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