Friday, October 30, 2009

Awesome!: CBS News Goes Nuclear On White House "Jobs" Report; "Not worth the paper it's printed on."

After months of demonizing Fox News Channel, which finally culminated in an outright attempt to ban the network from interviewing administration officials, it appears the Obama White House may now hav to set their sites on another much less likely foe: CBS News. That's right. The Tiffany Network, better known for its laugh-out-loud hillarious "fake, but true" standard of journalism during the 2004 President Bush Guardgate scandal, is attempting to earn back some of its credibility by shedding some light on the past incompetence of the Obama administration in reporting how many jobs their "stimulus" bill has "saved or created".

There's something about thinking of press secretary Robert Gibbs's reaction to this report that really warms the soul. As Hot Air's Ed Morrissey wonders: "So when does CBS start getting the Fox treatment from Robert Gibbs and Velerie Jarrett?"

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