Monday, August 31, 2009

A big Texas Howdy

For those of you who sporadically kept up with Right Up Front, you'll be glad to know that both Hargraves and I have come back to further the conservative agenda via blogposts. Exciting, is it not?

The main difference between this blog and the last one is that we will be focusing on current events from a 'minority' stand point while simultaneously reaffirming our conservative roots. As young, female, Hispanic, legal immigrant, Republican, I often try to "out minority" Russ in my conservative opinions. He has a few minority cards up his sleeve, but I end up usually winning that battle in the end.

I am currently studying for my LSATs, and seeing as I'm not planning on Sonia Sotomayor-ing my way into law school --- that requires actual studying. I plan on getting into law school based on merit rather than gender or ethnic background. What a novel concept huh? Consider this my introductory post, pending new and further developments in the political word --- (Translation: Wait for the liblabs to do something infuriating to cause me to post again shortly).

Until then thanks for stopping by and on behalf of all the contributors, we hope you'll stop by again soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Liberals Throw Hands Up In Dismay: "Why Doesn't America Like Barack Anymore?"

Writing on Commentary's blog, Jennifer Rubin is wondering why Mr. Obama isn't the beloved figure he used to be less than a year ago and is offering liberals a bit of advice on how to redeem the presient's reputation. You see, no longer able to ignore the plummeting popularity of their beloved messiah, our liberal brethren have now segwayed into a flabbergasted state of frustration as they struggle to understand what it is the common man wants from their virtually perfect president. Attributing his nearly 20 point free fall in less than a year to his (as of yet unseen) unparalelled work ethic, former Gore campaign manager Donna Brazille wonders out loud if "the problem is that the president is doing too much and stressing everyone out..."

Yes, that's it! He's just such a gosh darn go-getter that America has grown worried about...well, who cares just shut up, get in line, and for God's sake don't tell the emperor he doesn't have any clothes on! Brazille has also suggested that if only Obama could "get back to the bipartisan appeal that worked during the campaign" then maybe, just maybe he wouldn't be seen as such a hack. But therein, lies the problem. What liberals fail to see is that the "bipartisan appeal" was only that, an appeal. It was never true. It was never meant to be, at least not by the campaign spokesman and Obama himself who repeated the mantra over and over and over and over and over again. But repeatedly chanting "Hope and Change" at a campaign rally doesn't make the president anymore bipartisan than repeatedly shouting "Yes, we can" makes poor people less dependent on the government.

Not willing to concede that their unpopularity might have somthing to do with their ridiculous policy proposals, they instead insist that the party only needs a little bit of a face lift. Lucky for them, Ted Kennedy died. And not a moment too soon! If liberals didn't have the death of a major political player within their ranks to distract everyone then the public might still be talking about the socialization of America being propelled though Congress. And we can't have that. And so we are subjected to disgusting orations by Neal Gabler in the LA Times blathering on about "Ted Kennedy, America's conscience." Yes, that was actually the title of his column today. As if the conscience of America would allow it to leave the death of a young woman in our own car unreported for ten hours. Boy, you really gotta hand it to that Neal Gabler fella. He's really got his finger on the pulse of America, doesn't he?

Unfortunately for the left in this country, Americans will not be swayed by the political grandstanding witnessed at the Kennedy press confere...oh, I mean funeral. We don't want their health care, we don't want their taxes and we don't want their bailouts. And don't even get me started on things like gun control, abortion or foreign affairs. I guess we can just drive off the side of that bridge when we get to it, eh Neal?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kennedy's Grandson Recruited For Political Exploitation

It could have, should have and indeed was predicted that the death of Senator Kennedy would be exploited by the left for political gains in the health care debate. Little did we know that they would exploit his own grandson to exploit his own death. The indecency of the left truly knows no bounds, ladies and gentlemen. I give you the poor lad too young to know any better:Yes, that really happened.

Gateway Pundit and Hot Air are following the story closely with details of the left saying it's ok to pray for nationalized medicine because Jesus would have wanted it. You can read all about that there. Instead I'd like to focus on the exploitation of a child, which liberals presumably oppose, for nothing more than what will ultimately be a few minutes of attention in the hopes that America will fall to their knees in exultation of a man credibly accused of negligent homicide and get on the band wagon to support one of the left's biggest raison d'etres, the complete and utter control of one sixth of the American economy by people like...well, by people like the man credibly accused of negligent homicide.

This is the modern day Democrat party. It is a sad thing to witness, but the truth is this: The liberals of today lack anything close to resembling what anyone of us would consider integrity, decency, morals or humanity. This explains their inhuman urge to murder the unborn, their opposition to the overthrow of tyrannical dictators who have murdered millions, their quasi-support for Communist regimes worldwide that murdered tens of millions more and their insistence that humans abandon their nature and reduce themselves to de facto slavery at the hands of a liberal government.

This goes far beyond what we see on the surface. In this charade of Kennedy plaudits we see the heart and soul of the Democrat party. It is a party bent on pushing through their far left ideological agenda even if it means exploiting a funeral or the innocence of a child.

Ted Kennedy's Humanity?

Famed author Joyce Carol Oates is now trying her hand at the moral relativism of the left, attempting to gloss over the actions of a younger Senator Kennedy many Americans never knew. In case America wasn't getting the picture, that liberals really do not see anything morally objectionable in Uncle Teddy's actions (and lack of action) at Chappaquiddick in 1969 that left a woman dead, E.J. Dionne did his part with his aptly titled article "Ted Kennedy's Humanity".

You really must forgive me, dear reader, but I will not be participating in the maddening, hysterical race to hoist Ted Kennedy upon the altar of political heroism. Leaving a young woman to drown in his car at the bottom of a lake while never - never - acknowledging the inherent inhumanity of his actions that night deserves neither praise nor honor. And he shall be receiving none from The Tusk.

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