Thursday, February 11, 2010

Debra Medina, 9/11 Truther

Let the audio speak for itself.

Debra Medina, SHAME ON YOU! This, quite frankly, is disgraceful. At the beginning of this audio clip she claims to be a "regular, everyday person." Ms. Medina, regular everyday Texans do not believe that the government was behind 9/11 and they would not pussyfoot around the question like some leftwing candyass, spewing forth the most useless trifle about "mind control" and the "thought police". Well, lemme tell you, Debra, you campaign is now about "damage control" because you just ended your political career.

I am embarassed to have ever said a kind thing about you; I am ashamed to share citizenship with you in this most proud of states and I am insulted that you presume to be Texan enough to be my governor. You are truly a disgrace to this state.

You are a laughing stock nation wide. Glenn Beck was right, that answer is definitely the fastest way back to 4%. And back to 4% you go. For shame, madame. For shame.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Governor Debra Medina?

With polls showing a huge surge in support for tea partier, businesswoman and Republican candidate for Texas governor Debra Medina, I get the feeling that she may be the next Scott Brown to sweep the political landscape. Not because she could very well be voted into office to fill a seat long-held by Democrats; the Texas governor's mansion has been solidly Republican for over 15 years. No, Ms. Medina will be the next Scott Brown because, like the new Massachusetts senator, she represents a huge political shift in this country made up of wave after wave of disillusioned voters looking for someone fresh. While officially running as a Republican, no one mistakes her candidacy for anything other than what it actually is. Debra Medina is a Tea Party candidate. Like Daddy always said, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..."

Beginning her campaign with as little as 3% support in the polls, Ms. Medina now enjoys 24% support among Republican primary voters after two hugely successful debate performances. Doesn't sound like much to you? Consider that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a hugely popular U.S. senator only garners 4 points more at 28% (and for that matter Governor Perry only garners 39% in the same poll) and you have the makings of a political bombshell levied by upset Texas voters. And it won't take much to shake the boat. If no candidate earns 50% of the vote in next month's primary then the election goes to a run-off to be held in April. If one of those candidates is a Tea Party candidate then the nation's waves of grassroots Tea Party activists just might see their opportunity to have their first viable Tea Party candidate for a major office.

But unlike the huge wake up call that Scott Brown was to Democrats, Debra Medina could be a huge wake up call to elected Republicans across the country that they aren't safe, either, no matter who they are. Governor Perry, after being reelected with barely 40% of the vote four years ago, has become an immensely popular governor and a forceful voice against the intrusion of the national government into our state affairs. He is also largely responsible for the economic behemoth that Texas has become over the last three years. After all, that's why I support him in this election. If Debra Medina is able to unseat this governor, then Republicans across the country are vulnerable to a huge Tea Party insurgency that could alter the future of the party and indeed the nation. If she wins the governor's mansion, well, then God save Texas.

Don't think it's possible? She's already beating the leading Democrat candidate, former Houston Mayor Bill White by 4 points.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Perry Holds Commanding Lead in Texas GOP Primary and General Election

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, Governor Rick Perry holds a commanding lead over Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a good senator who became a bit overambitious and decided to challenge an immensely popular and successful governor. Frankly, it makes you question her intellect. But I digress.

According to the poll, 74% of Texas GOP voters approve of the job Mr. Perry is doing (and 80% have a favorable opinion of him, personally), and that has translated into a huge lead for the governor. Perry leads Hutchison and Medina, the vote tallying up 44% to 29% to 14%, respectively. This is really devestating for the Hutchison campaign, Perry's only real threat. After leading the Governor by 20 points early last year, Hutchison now finds herself trailing Perry by 15 points. Ouch.

But let's be honest. The real winner in this poll is Debra Medina, who has seen her poll numbers jump from just 4% when she began her campaign, to 14% now. She needs to run for Congress, and I sincerely urge her to do so.

The big loser in Rasmussen's polling is former Houston mayor, Democrat Bill White. In general election matchups he currently trails Perry, Hutchison - and Medina! Now that's amazing. The GOP's weakest contender for the gubernatorial nomination is beating the Democrats' strongest contender for their nomination. White's 6 point lead over Medina just one month ago has now slid to a 3 point deficit, with Medina leading White 41 to 38 percent. The message: The Texas governor's mansion is off limits to Democrats.

And, frankly, that's the most important thing of all, isn't it? ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Candadian Provincial Premier To Seek Medical Care In The United States

h/t Hot Air

Apparently the socialized healthcare system of our neighbor to the north isn't quite good enough for one of Canada's more prominent politicians.

Back in August, our friend Ed Morrissey reported on a program initiated by the Canadian government that made it legal for border provinces such as Ontario to contract with American hospitals to treat Canadian patients who need various treatments not readily available in Canada due to the increased demand that a nationalized healthcare system creates. The sole reason for the program is get around increased wait times for care, something the Democrats assure us exist only in the imaginations of eeeevil conservatives trying to scare people away from socialized medicine.

But now it appears that even Canada's politicians have no faith in the system they thrusted down the throats of their citizens. At least that's true for the Provincial Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, one Mr. Danny Williams. Now, with his own life on the line, Mr. Williams is coming to America for heart surgery.

If you're not quite ready to call him a hypocrite, here's a video of him defending Canada's healthcare program.

Here is the simple truth of the matter: By seeking healthcare outside of Canada to save his own life, Premier Danny Williams has issued a de facto admission that the nationalized healthcare system is a virtual death sentence to those needing life saving treatment or surgery, treatments and surgeries made scarce by the very system he helped put in place.

Danny Williams, repeat after me: What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Member of British "Iraq War Panel" Accidentally Admits Legitimacy of Iraq War

While those of us in America have largely shifted our focus away from Iraq and onto Afghanistan in the wake of the recent surge there, the liberal establishment in Britain (often referred to as "the British") are holding hearings to review the "facts" and "circumstances" surrounding the lead up to the Iraq War. This, one would venture a guess, is to find some sort of reason to for liberals to say, "AHA! We knew this entire thing was a sham," and as Al Gore said, "You liiiiieeed to the American people! You liiiiied to us!"

Well, it turns out that in the wake of a free Iraq a lot of information becomes available that isn't so convenient to liberals who are adament that "Bush lied, kids died!" No, instead the truth is coming to light through the work of the Iraq Survey Group, the group sent into Iraq by the U.S. Congress to gather as much data about the fallen regime as possible. What they have found is absolutely breath taking. You can read the report here, but I want to focus on a major slip (or ever so subtle admission) by one of the British panel members while interrogating former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

ABC News, as well as others, are calling it his judgement day, as if the fate of his soul is on the....oh, who am I kidding, liberals don't believe in souls. That's just silly. Needless to say, Tony handled himself brilliantly, even while being called a liar and a murderer. For instance, when discussing the opposition by many nations in Europe to the war, Blair responds:
In fact, I don't think they were really disputing that Iraq was in breach of (U.N. Resolution) 1441; then we were going to be faced with a choice I never wanted to be faced with; did you go then without a second resolution? My view very strongly was if he is in breach of 1441 then we should mean what we've said. It was a final opportunity to comply and he wasn't complying.
What a novel concept. We should mean what we've said. Unfortunately, the only thing liberals are interested in doing is talking. A point made accidentally by panel member, Sir Lawrence Freedman:
Blair: It is absolutely clear from the Iraq Study Group, and indeed the Butler Report deals with this, that he was concealing material he should have delivered up to the U.N. and retained intent, not merely in theory, but he was taking acation on, for example, "dual use" facilities that were specifically in violation of United Nations Resolutions.

Sir Lawrence: I'm not actually disagreeing that there were significant elements of material breach in Saddam's behavior. This is really as much about the diplomacy...
Bingo! And the fact is that no one has ever made a serious argument that Saddam Hussein was not in material breach of U.N. Resolutions, including Resolution 1441, which gave him his final chance to comply with the will of the world. It has always been, as Sir Lawrence admits, about "diplomacy" which used in this context is just a liberal word for endless talking, back pedaling and concessions to murderous dictators.

Tony Blair, liberal though his domestic politics may be, is a first rate statesman who, along with President Bush, made tough decisions when they were needed. It would seem now that history has finally vindicated their decision.