Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Perry Holds Commanding Lead in Texas GOP Primary and General Election

According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, Governor Rick Perry holds a commanding lead over Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, a good senator who became a bit overambitious and decided to challenge an immensely popular and successful governor. Frankly, it makes you question her intellect. But I digress.

According to the poll, 74% of Texas GOP voters approve of the job Mr. Perry is doing (and 80% have a favorable opinion of him, personally), and that has translated into a huge lead for the governor. Perry leads Hutchison and Medina, the vote tallying up 44% to 29% to 14%, respectively. This is really devestating for the Hutchison campaign, Perry's only real threat. After leading the Governor by 20 points early last year, Hutchison now finds herself trailing Perry by 15 points. Ouch.

But let's be honest. The real winner in this poll is Debra Medina, who has seen her poll numbers jump from just 4% when she began her campaign, to 14% now. She needs to run for Congress, and I sincerely urge her to do so.

The big loser in Rasmussen's polling is former Houston mayor, Democrat Bill White. In general election matchups he currently trails Perry, Hutchison - and Medina! Now that's amazing. The GOP's weakest contender for the gubernatorial nomination is beating the Democrats' strongest contender for their nomination. White's 6 point lead over Medina just one month ago has now slid to a 3 point deficit, with Medina leading White 41 to 38 percent. The message: The Texas governor's mansion is off limits to Democrats.

And, frankly, that's the most important thing of all, isn't it? ;)


  1. I want to like Medina, but I am having trouble getting past some of her very unconservative views on free trade (she is against it, and rails against a conspiratorial "globalist agenda"), drugs, capital punishment, and even her opposition to certain tax breaks, which is puzzling. I don't like that she goes on the Alex Jones black helicopter radio show basically every week.

  2. I'm totally with you on that, Hal, which is why even since my publishing this post I am regretting suggesting she run for Congress.