Monday, August 31, 2009

A big Texas Howdy

For those of you who sporadically kept up with Right Up Front, you'll be glad to know that both Hargraves and I have come back to further the conservative agenda via blogposts. Exciting, is it not?

The main difference between this blog and the last one is that we will be focusing on current events from a 'minority' stand point while simultaneously reaffirming our conservative roots. As young, female, Hispanic, legal immigrant, Republican, I often try to "out minority" Russ in my conservative opinions. He has a few minority cards up his sleeve, but I end up usually winning that battle in the end.

I am currently studying for my LSATs, and seeing as I'm not planning on Sonia Sotomayor-ing my way into law school --- that requires actual studying. I plan on getting into law school based on merit rather than gender or ethnic background. What a novel concept huh? Consider this my introductory post, pending new and further developments in the political word --- (Translation: Wait for the liblabs to do something infuriating to cause me to post again shortly).

Until then thanks for stopping by and on behalf of all the contributors, we hope you'll stop by again soon!

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