Sunday, August 30, 2009

Liberals Throw Hands Up In Dismay: "Why Doesn't America Like Barack Anymore?"

Writing on Commentary's blog, Jennifer Rubin is wondering why Mr. Obama isn't the beloved figure he used to be less than a year ago and is offering liberals a bit of advice on how to redeem the presient's reputation. You see, no longer able to ignore the plummeting popularity of their beloved messiah, our liberal brethren have now segwayed into a flabbergasted state of frustration as they struggle to understand what it is the common man wants from their virtually perfect president. Attributing his nearly 20 point free fall in less than a year to his (as of yet unseen) unparalelled work ethic, former Gore campaign manager Donna Brazille wonders out loud if "the problem is that the president is doing too much and stressing everyone out..."

Yes, that's it! He's just such a gosh darn go-getter that America has grown worried about...well, who cares just shut up, get in line, and for God's sake don't tell the emperor he doesn't have any clothes on! Brazille has also suggested that if only Obama could "get back to the bipartisan appeal that worked during the campaign" then maybe, just maybe he wouldn't be seen as such a hack. But therein, lies the problem. What liberals fail to see is that the "bipartisan appeal" was only that, an appeal. It was never true. It was never meant to be, at least not by the campaign spokesman and Obama himself who repeated the mantra over and over and over and over and over again. But repeatedly chanting "Hope and Change" at a campaign rally doesn't make the president anymore bipartisan than repeatedly shouting "Yes, we can" makes poor people less dependent on the government.

Not willing to concede that their unpopularity might have somthing to do with their ridiculous policy proposals, they instead insist that the party only needs a little bit of a face lift. Lucky for them, Ted Kennedy died. And not a moment too soon! If liberals didn't have the death of a major political player within their ranks to distract everyone then the public might still be talking about the socialization of America being propelled though Congress. And we can't have that. And so we are subjected to disgusting orations by Neal Gabler in the LA Times blathering on about "Ted Kennedy, America's conscience." Yes, that was actually the title of his column today. As if the conscience of America would allow it to leave the death of a young woman in our own car unreported for ten hours. Boy, you really gotta hand it to that Neal Gabler fella. He's really got his finger on the pulse of America, doesn't he?

Unfortunately for the left in this country, Americans will not be swayed by the political grandstanding witnessed at the Kennedy press confere...oh, I mean funeral. We don't want their health care, we don't want their taxes and we don't want their bailouts. And don't even get me started on things like gun control, abortion or foreign affairs. I guess we can just drive off the side of that bridge when we get to it, eh Neal?


  1. They won't give up though. This radical party has to be stopped. There is nothing patriotic about this Democrat leadership. It seems like they want to bring America to it's knees.

  2. I concur...thanks for the commment. When Bush was in office, nearly every bumper stick you saw said "Dissent IS Patriotic"...listening to Nancy Pelosi speak really wouldn't think so!

  3. Ouck Fbama

    Afterall, thats what they said of Bush, should be good enough for the British Citizen in the White House.

  4. Many Republicans saw that Obama was an Islamic Marxist well before election day. It was only the incredible stupidity of Republicans in nominating an arrogant, Liberal, backstabbing double crosser like John McCain that gave Obama a chance to win.

    Obama campaigned on being all things to all people. His yes we can and his change slogans were meaningless but great soundbites. Millions assumed he was going to change things the way they wanted him to.

    Surprise, surprise. The Islamic Marxist, straight from the Corruption of the Chicago Democratic political machine, had no ones best interests in mind but his own.

    Now emperor Obama with an Islamic, Marxist agenda has no clothes and no one can figure it out.

    If Republicans can manage to nominate true Conservatives the next two elections, we will be able to reverse 50 years of creeping Socialism and return America to greatness. If not, America is about done as a world power.

  5. Larry,

    I hope that the outlook won't be nearly as grim as you predict...

    It would be nice to see more conservatives step up....

    ::Coughs:: MITT ROMNEY ::coughs:: I still love him.

  6. Well Katy as i told Russ its great to have yall back... again it took yall long enough