Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kennedy's Grandson Recruited For Political Exploitation

It could have, should have and indeed was predicted that the death of Senator Kennedy would be exploited by the left for political gains in the health care debate. Little did we know that they would exploit his own grandson to exploit his own death. The indecency of the left truly knows no bounds, ladies and gentlemen. I give you the poor lad too young to know any better:Yes, that really happened.

Gateway Pundit and Hot Air are following the story closely with details of the left saying it's ok to pray for nationalized medicine because Jesus would have wanted it. You can read all about that there. Instead I'd like to focus on the exploitation of a child, which liberals presumably oppose, for nothing more than what will ultimately be a few minutes of attention in the hopes that America will fall to their knees in exultation of a man credibly accused of negligent homicide and get on the band wagon to support one of the left's biggest raison d'etres, the complete and utter control of one sixth of the American economy by people like...well, by people like the man credibly accused of negligent homicide.

This is the modern day Democrat party. It is a sad thing to witness, but the truth is this: The liberals of today lack anything close to resembling what anyone of us would consider integrity, decency, morals or humanity. This explains their inhuman urge to murder the unborn, their opposition to the overthrow of tyrannical dictators who have murdered millions, their quasi-support for Communist regimes worldwide that murdered tens of millions more and their insistence that humans abandon their nature and reduce themselves to de facto slavery at the hands of a liberal government.

This goes far beyond what we see on the surface. In this charade of Kennedy plaudits we see the heart and soul of the Democrat party. It is a party bent on pushing through their far left ideological agenda even if it means exploiting a funeral or the innocence of a child.

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