Monday, October 5, 2009

The Other War

Chris Burgard of Big Hollywood Blog has a great entry out today entitled the War on Propaganda. Burgard writes: "From Sun Tzu to Psy Ops, propaganda has won wars, toppled cultures and changed civilizations. As a self-identified enlightened and educated culture, we thought ourselves beyond such base manipulation. We were wrong."

Burgard continues "On Sept. 20, 2009, President Obama stated that he would look into bailouts for print newspapers because he is concerned that blogs will take over the world and be a threat to democracy. Imagine that: the President of the United States is concerned free speech may be a threat to democracy. Is anybody paying attention?"

The answer is: yes. The conservatives are payin attention, as per usual. The left, however, does not seem to care as they have traditionally been the party that pisses over those...what's the word again?...Rights. RE: The Supreme Court reviewing a case that would further limit our Second Amendent Right. I'm eager to see how that wise Latina woman is going to objectively handle the case.

"President Obama and his team are convinced that they are smarter than the average American citizen. They don’t just say Middle Americans “cling to their Bibles and guns out of fear,” they truly believe it. This administration has banked on using fear to push stimulus packages, carbon taxes, bailouts and health care reform. That is their Waterloo.
Fear is not at the core of the American psyche; independence and patriotism are. And when enough Americans step back, take a breath and realize the extent of this manipulation, they awaken with a determination and that is truly frightening to those that would attempt to govern from the shadows.The fear is now on the other foot"
Burgard states.

And so, Burgard concludes: "Apathy can no longer be counted on as a tool for those who would seek to control the populace and erode the Constitution. In this “Constitution Revolution,” the American people are not coming after you with guns or explosives; they are armed with truth, a desire for transparency, a desire for enlightened and informed public discourse, a demand for civic responsibility and a call to politicians to honor their oaths to the US Constitution."

Overall great piece and a fantastic way to start the day combating the liberal agenda.

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