Saturday, October 3, 2009

Correction: Barack Obama Has No Testicles; I'm Mad As Hell And You Should Be Too

This is The Tusk's first correction since we began publication about two months ago. But I'm not embarrassed about it. Yesterday I stunned Tusk readers everywhere by admitting that, despite our previously held beliefs that the president has no balls, he just had "little" ones. But we can all breathe a sigh of relief tonight. Our initial assessment, made after careful observation during the campaign, is true. The president is indeed suffering from a lack of bulk in the male region generally used for reproduction, a condition medical officials call "having no balls to speak of. At all. Period." I believe you can find that in the medical literature between the entries for "hallitosis" and "herpes".

Hot Air is all over this, and I encourage you to read their stuff, but here is a brief synopses of events. Yesterday, at around 3:00pm Barack Obambi issued an ultimatum to Iran: Let inspectors in within two weeks, or else!:
President Obama delivered an ultimatum to Iran Thursday, saying it must allow international inspectors "unfettered access" to its recently disclosed nuclear facility at Qom in two weeks or face increased pressure from the international community.

That pressure would likely come in the form of tougher sanctions on the Iranian government and on Iranian firms operating internationally. Such measures could target the country's oil and gas sector, as well as firms that insure shipments to Iran.
That ultimatum didn't last 24 hours before the State Department began back pedaling. It's disgusting, and frankly he looks like a friggin' chimp, uh, I mean chump. From our glorious bastion of freedom and hope, the State Department:
A State Department spokesman on Friday signaled that the president's mandate that Iran has two weeks to permit inspections of its recently unveiled uranium refinement plant was not "written in stone."

"I don't think that there's a hard-and-fast deadline,"State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said during Friday's press briefing, after a reporter asked what the consequences of Iran's inaction might be.
Cover your ears mom. Are you fucking kidding me?! This is the new foreign policy of the United States of America? To issue harshly worded ultimatums about allowing inspectors into Iran within two weeks, and then turning around in less than a day and saying that it isn't "written in stone" and that there aren't any "hard-and-fast deadlines"? Never was there a position of such stupidity that emboldens our enemies so much while encouraging our allies so little.

Will the left in this country finally admit that they thrusted upon this nation a circus act for a government, anxious to control our lives and repugnantly reluctant to defend this country and stand up to our enemies while damned straight giddy over the prospect and opportunity to betray our allies.

Seriously? FYB


  1. Stupidest ... blog ... ever

  2. Anonymous, lick tusk!

    I feel the same way! WTF!! People need to understand that nut jobs like Ahamdinejad are driven by the prospect of heaven which for him includes getting his wee wee wacked daily for eternity by 72 whores. These people are long gone in the head and only view stupidity like this from Obambi and his state department as weakness. And while the media may or may not look upon the former "consessions" by Iran to allow the UN and IAEA to come in and look around as a victory, let me tell you that read here what is really going on. Google the word "Hudna." This is what Iran is doing. They are playing a distraction game that's designed to delay reprisal until they are capable of obtaining a superior or dangerous position that would enable them to be victorious in their plans which is to bring the Middle East to the brink of Nuclear War for the sake of their maniac religion! This is who they are. They will never change. The only way to stand up to these people is to make good on your promise that you're going to kick their asses if they don't comply.