Saturday, October 3, 2009

Attention John McCain: It's Our Party, Too, And, frankly, we don't like you that much.

Not quite satisfied with having run one of the worst presidential campaigns ever, Senator John McCain is now seeking to reshape the Republican Party in his on image. In other words, to make it a "centrist" party, or as I prefer to call it, "a group of dithering cowards who wet themselves at the slightest sign of liberal hostility".
It’s all part of an approach that is at odds with most other recent failed presidential nominees, whose immediate response to defeat was to retreat from the electoral arena. But those familiar with McCain’s thinking say he has expressed serious concern about the direction of the party and is actively seeking out and supporting candidates who can broaden the party’s reach.

In McCain’s case, that means backing conservative pragmatists and moderates.
Bitter much? That is exactly what this really boils down to. John McCain, after failing to win over the party faithful (also known as "conservatives") is now upset and seeking to make the party as inpalatable to them as his own campaign was. Remember when Ann Coulter threatened to support Hillary Clinton if McCain won the nomination?
Or the cover of Newsweek magazine with conservative big shots staring down on McCain with the headline "There Will Be Blood"? The fact is that Republicans were as enthusiastic about John McCain as Democrats were about John Kerry in 2004. Which is to say, many of us faked it and many more of us didn't even bother.

Liberals within the Republican Party need to make way for a new generation of Republican leadership that does not sacrifice our conservative principles just to be the flavor of the week in the media.

We are the party that believes that a small government is better than a big one; that the unborn have rights; that "the people" have a right to gun ownership; that freedom is for every human being, not just a civilized few; that America is a unique place with a unique role; that taxes should be lower, not higher; that "you cannot help the wage-earner by tearing down the wage-payer"; that the rich are no more guilty than the poor are innocent; that people seeking an American way of life should do so legally; and that there is more good in this country than on any other place on Earth. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. We are the Grand Old Party and on these issues THERE CAN BE. NO. COMPROMISE.

Move over, John McCain. Your fifteen minutes are up.


  1. Mr. McCain needs to get out of my life. He had his turn, he failed, he is out of touch with real people. It is time for him to get out of the public's eye and retire with all his money. Sit down and shut up I am tired of you and yours. Thank you

  2. "Amnesty" McCain's time has come and gone.
    Say good bye or join your pal Arlen.

  3. Ugh. Amnesty? Ted Kennedy? Really? As a female, hispanic, legal immigrant, I was/am pissed.