Thursday, October 15, 2009

Less Than A Year And Already Less Popular Than Hillary. Ouch.

"Why do people hate you?" asked little Terrance to the President of the United States. His answer is the most interesting part of the conversation, however:
Well, now, first of all. I did get elected president, so not everyone hates me, nah. I got a whole lotta votes. I wanna make sure everyone understands.
Here, once again, we witness the president dismissing honest disagreement and opposition to his ultra left wing government takeover to being "poke(d) a little bit" so that we can "keep him on his toes". Or, as he more succinctly puts it, it's just "politics".

Let us, for a moment, study the president's assertion that not everyone hates him. After all, he did get a whole lotta votes! The latest Fox News Poll show less than 50% of Americans would vote for Barack Obama if an election were held today. As a matter of fact, its not even close to 50%. It's 43%. Dayum, Barry. Dayum.
In what may be the ultimate job rating, 43 percent of voters say that they would vote to re-elect President Obama if the 2012 election were held today, down from 52 percent six months ago, from April 22-23, 2009.

Obama's job approval rating comes in at 49 percent this week. That's down just one percentage point from late September, but it marks a new low approval for the president -- and the first time the Fox News poll has measured his approval below 50 percent.
Well, hey, I mean 43% isn't that bad. Come to think of it, that's just about the same share of the vote that Bill Clinton won in 1992. Of course, that was back before Democrats pretended to care that sometimes president's get elected without a "clear majority".

Anyway. That FNC Poll is not the only problem Mr. Obama is facing in the polls. Despite her declaration that she will not run again, no one can write off the political calculation of one Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Obama's Secretary of State and former Democrat primary rival. I can't help but see her as miserable every time she is on television. We would be kidding ourselves to believe she would never consider another primary challenge to her new boss, especially given that Gallup now shows that she is more popular than the president himself, a fact that must have her licking her chops in anticipation of an inner-party "Draft Hillary" moment:
Gallup points out that in this latest survey, Hillary Clinton is now more popular than Obama. Sixty-two percent say they have a favorable impression of the Secretary of State, versus 34 percent who have an unfavorable impression. That's a big change from the height of the battle for the Democratic nomination last year; in February 2008, just 48 percent had a favorable impression of Mrs. Clinton, versus 49 percent who had an unfavorable impression.
Frankly, the only thing more fun than watching those two duke it out again would be the laugh-out-loud hillarious spectacle the entire Democrat party would put on as they simultaneously try to cast Republicans as racist for opposing the reelection of the first black president while nursing a large faction within their own party that doesn't want him there, either. Why, it would be like conservative political porn!

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