Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barry to Allies: "Screw You"

No longer content with destroying our nation on the domestic front vis a vis his healthcare reform proposals, President Obama today unleashed one helluva whopper today, essentially giving the finger to two American allies in eastern Europe. Demonstrating Democrats' staggering inability to forget anything that happened prior to this morning, our head of state and commander-in-chief decided to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland by, well, giving Poland the finger. Our glorious leader, in all his wisdom, has decided to kill a planned missile defense system in that country as well as the Czech Republic.

All of this comes after increasingly hostile rhetoric from Moscow and after the Kremlin flatly refused to agree to sanctions againt Iran. Polish and Czech officials have confirmed America's betrayal:
A spokeswoman at the Polish Ministry of Defense also said the program had been suspended.

"This is catastrophic for Poland," said the spokeswoman, who declined to be named in line with ministry policy...

...Poland and the Czech Republic had based much of their future security policy on getting the missile defenses from the United States. The countries share deep concerns of a future military threat from the east -- namely, Russia -- and may now look for other defense assurances from their NATO allies.

"At the NATO summit in April, we adopted a resolution focusing on building a defense system against real, existing threats, i.e. short-range and medium-range missiles," Fischer said. "We expect that the United States will continue cooperating with the Czech Republic on concluding the relevant agreements on our mutual (research and development) and military collaboration, including the financing of specific projects."

By contrast, Russia may view the move as a diplomatic victory after complaining about the program consistently for years.
If you think the Poles are taking this lightly, think again. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (!) refused to take calls from Secretary of State Clinton. In case you're keeping score, Poland is one of the countries that stood steadfast with the United States in our war in Iraq, sending in troops along with our own.

While liberals squeal about George Bush's supposed squandering of our inernational trust, their crestened leader has now promptly betrayed two of our allies desperately needing assurances against growing Soviet aggression.

A disgrace of the first order.


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