Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mitt Romney 2012?

All of you former Right Up Front readers know of my undying affection and unyielding loyalty to Mitt Romney. Indeed, he is my first choice for the nomination in 2012. Now it looks like the Stormin' Mormon may be testing the waters for an encore run at the GOP knod. Politico's Jonathan Martin has the details.

After a few stops in some early primary states and lavish fundraiser at a "trendy" Washington eatery, there are many reasons for any former Romney fan to be hopeful. And who better to go up against a now-obviously undisciplined current White House resident than the uber-disciplined, results oriented former businessman and governor?

Lucky for those of us squarely in the Mitt camp, it appears we're in good company. In March, he won the CPAC presidential preference straw poll for the third year in a row. He is consistantly among the top Republicans in poll after poll, including this one. And this one. He competes the best among the other GOP potentials against Barack Obama in that poll, and even ties the president at 45% in this one. Granted, dear readers, it is far, far, far too early to be vesting any weight in these polls. Not because they are not accurate. But because the situation right now will absolutely not exist in 3 years when we choose our (wo)man.

Or will it?


  1. No. For the 18,277th time. NO.

  2. Mitt Romney is my first choice for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012, just as he was in 2008.

    How much better off would we all be today if Mitt had won in 2008? Light years better off than with this Community-Organizer-in- chief!

    Let's all work together to make sure we don't make the same mistake twice.

    Visit us at and also listen to our conservative podcast at

    Elect Romney in 2012!

  3. Right on! Why do people choose to believe that politicians need to be the one you "would want to have a beer with" like Huckabee or Palin? I don't want my best buddy running the country. I want someone exceptional. One with vision, principles, and a track record of success. I shudder at the prospect of Palin running in 2012. I might register as an independent to save myself the embarrassment. I will drop medical school and campaign for Romney against Palin. Sure she fires up the base and the liberals hate her but she is UNELECTABLE!! She so far has not shown herself to be the "maverick" (hate that word now) they pushed her to be or the intellectually sound leader we need. The media would destroy her and the Democrats would make sure to help. At least Romney and Huckabee can speak confidently as informed candidates where she simply had talking points. She should be attending fundraisers to promote the party's interest like Romney is doing. That's leadership. Romney in 2012!!!!