Friday, September 25, 2009

Now That's What I Call A Protest!

h/t Hot Air

Hardly a week after Nancy Pelosi nearly wet her panties worrying that healthcare protests and townall meetings could turn violent (whaa! whaa!), a worry being fueled by the mainstream media and left bloggers. But in the midst of the G20 protests by liberal anarchists and anticapitalists, we see what a violent protest actually looks like.Nice. Via Hot Air:
Of course, the media didn’t bat an eye at the larger implications of the real violence from the same leftist crowd in Saint Paul, Minnesota, during the Republican convention, either. It seems that conservatives exercising free speech in a passionate but responsible manner freaks out the national media far more than leftists engaged in actual political violence.
As Ann Coulter explains, the most popular argument for liberals is to throw things, usually food, although in this case it appears to be a giant dumpster presumably filled with the garbage that is the liberal idea of what America should be.

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