Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN Part Deux

The vast right-wing conspiracy has struck again!!! Twice in little more than 24 hours, in fact. Gah-lee, the liberals must be absolutely quaking in their boots thinking of who the next victim of "gotcha journalism" will be. For now I'm content with ACORN, but some intense journalistic undercover type stuff could probably expose some absolutely hillarious things about other government laugh riots. Like AmeriCorps. Anyway.

In this segment of "Bend Over America: ACORN Loves Loose Women", we are taken to the ACORN headquarters in Washington, D.C., a headquarters brought to you by....YOURSELF! That's right, through your generous giving of mandatory taxes, you enable a bunch of filth to help sustain and create more filth! God bless America! In the following video, the same two folks who brought us the the first one are able to get completely different ACORN employees at a totally different site to do the precise thing the first ones did.

You see, folks, what this video shows is what some people in the law enforcement community call "evidence", evidence that ACORN is involved in a very elaborate scheme of helping criminals break the law. Let's review the laws broken:

1) tax evasion
2) bank fraud
3) falsifying a document for a taxing or other government agency
4) several immigration laws
5) child welfare laws
6) and in this case, probably campaign finance laws

It seems a stretch that these two brave undercover aspiring journalist were given precisely the same advice at two different locations. Both of the women in this video have also been fired. So, will there be anyone else out there who wants us to believe that the Baltimore incident was just an isolated instance of rogue employees? If so, maybe the next video via Glenn Beck will help you decide otherwise. This is the first in a 3 part series of videos. I encourage you to watch the others:When will there finally be an investigation of ACORN, an organization that has received $50,000,000 in taxpayer money so far and stands to receive billions more in surplus money? It's gotta stop. And you, America, are the only ones that can do that.

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