Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will The Real Ellie Light Please Stand Up

As Glenn Beck reported today, it appears that Barack Obama's popularity has fallen so terribly that he has only one supporter remaining who is willing to speak up for him within America's op-ed pages. Her name is Ellie Light from Philadelphia, PA. No wait, I'm sorry she's from Daly City, CA. Um, I mean she's from Bangor, Maine.

Well, to tell ya truth no one really knows where Ellie Light is from, or if she even exists because editorials supporting Barack Obama have appeared in literally dozens of newspapers across the country and all written by her, each time claiming to hail from that city. So far, editorials by "Ellie Light" have appeared at Politico; the the Philadelphia Daily News; the San Francisco Examiner; the Washington Times; USA Today; and literally dozens of smaller local papers from across the country. Hot Air is on it, as well:
Ms. Light always claims to be a local in these letters. Her real estate holdings are apparently prodigious, as she has claimed residences in Philadelphia, PA; Daly City, California; Mansfield, Ohio; Waynesboro, Virginia; Algoma, Wisconsin; Bangor, Maine; and dozens of other places. Who said Obama supporters were all downtrodden?
Our friends over at Patterico's Pontification's are keeping a running count of how many of Ellie's editorials they can find nationwide. So far: 47 editorials in at least 23 different states. No joke.

But, alas, my dear Tusk Readers, I must beg my fellow conservative bloggers to please, please leave poor Ms. Ellie Light alone. Should she be an actual person (as opposed to a White House troll) then I believe we should give Mr. Obama the respect and dignity of being able to enjoy the support of his last remaining devotee for as long as it lasts.

UPDATE: Now the number is 61 papers and 31 states, as well as the District of Columbia and even two foreign publications. Sheesh.

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