Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Governor Perry Was The Big Loser at Tonight's Debate...And Why I Still Support Him

First thought, Debra Medina should run for Congress, not for governor.

Second thought, I will gladly and happily support Senator Hutchison in a general election. I trust her to make the right decisions.

But here's what you really want to know. Why do I declare that the man I support for reelection, Governor Perry, lost the debate? For substance, charisma and stage presence, Governor Perry gets a big fat C-.

On far too many occassions Governor Perry looked like the smiling politician he is so good at being. He seemed agitated, arrogant at times and even downright grumpy sometimes. The governor would have served himself well by acting like the successful governor he has been. His stated answer to many of the questions asked and criticisms levied are precisely the reasons I am supporting him; in essence, "Look around." It is simply a fact that Governor Perry has received virtually nothing but accolades across the country for his leadership in making Texas one of the greatest and most desirable places to live and do business in the United States.

Ask yourself one question: Whenever you hear or read news accounts of a glimmer of hope in this nation of economic despair, what state and what governor is being interviewed or written about. Only Texas and it's chief executive are held as a model for economic recovery. Period. Here are a few examples I found in literally minutes in a simple google search.

"Texas Job Levels Should Recover First" - NBC/DFW

"Austin Among Best Performing U.S. Metros" - Austin Business Journal

Texas To Lead Recovery - Buffalo Business First

Lone Star Rebound - Christian Science Monitor

The Secrets of Texas's Success National Review Online

Blue State Blues - National Review Online

"Don't Mess With Texas Banks" - CNN Money

"Texas Ranked No. 3 State For Entrepreneurs" - SBDCNet

"Shall We All Move To Texas" - USGovInfo.About.Com

You know, it seems to me that if things are so bad here in Texas then someone forgot to send the memo to, well, the rest of the country who seems to be looking to us to lead us out of this recession because of our continuing economic strength. And when they can't wait for their own states to get it right, they vote with their feet and move here instead.

One can understand why Governor Perry said tonight, "It really wears me out that we got two people on the stage here that wanna tear Texas down when the fact is everybody understand this is the state you wanna live in. This state is growing by 1,000 people a day and its not because we're over taxin' em, over regulatin' em or over litigatin' em. They're comin' here because they know this is the place to be."

I'm getting pretty worn out over that, too, Governor. The cases made by Senator Hutchison and Ms. Medina are unbelievable unless they can explain why Texas has been held up as an economic model for the nation by virtually everyone in the nation except for, well, them and their supporters. Mr. Perry's failure was that he failed to articulate that tonight.

Onward to Election Day.

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