Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins! My take on tonight's election

He did it! To wild applause and chants of "Seat him now!" senator-elect Scott Brown accepted the concession of Attorney General Martha Coakley in Massachusett's special election to fill the open senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy.

This is truly a revolutionary moment in electoral politics when even the citizens of Massachusetts are rejecting the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda. Questions still surround the Democrats' willingness to seat him immediately, but my questions really surround what kind of senator Scott Brown will be. Frankly, most of us support him because of his staunch opposition to a healthcare bill loaded with special interest goodies. high taxes and passed with votes that were bought and paid for by Harry Reid and his Senate cronies. (re: Louisiana Purchase, Cornhusker Kickback) We know he also opposes giving lawyers to unlawful terrorist combatants caught on the battle field and opposes giving them civilian trials. But we also know what he has repeatedly said on the campaign trail and in his acceptance speech: that he will be an "independent" senator for "the people of Massachusetts". He even hailed Senator Kennedy, an enemy of common American values and common sense.

The people of Massachusetts either agreed with Senator Kennedy's far-left ideology or they turned a blind eye to his positions; positions which consistently weakened America and emboldened our enemies; positions that led to the slaughter of millions of unborn Americans; positions that all but longed for America's defeat around the world; positions that would make John Adams, John F. Kennedy and any red blooded American sick with grief that a man with such potential for greatness instead squandered it all to appeal to the "educated" and the "elite".

This is the man "the people of Massachusetts" continued to send to the United States Senate for more than 30 years. And those are the people that Scott Brown has now sworn to represent as a Republican. The people of Massachusetts have either made a huge ideological shift, or tonight's election is a mere blip on the radar screen and they are still the raging lunatics who kept sending a sputtering loon to Washington, D.C. for three decades.

So while I rejoice at his victory now, I am only cautiously optimistic about his addition to the Republican caucus. If "the people" of Massachusetts are the same people they have always been, then Scott Brown will be duty bound to represent them in all of their liberal lunacy. I hope that's not going to be the case.

But fear not, Tusk Readers! There is reason to be hopeful. He will never be the liberal that Ted Kennedy was, and so we are saved from a catastrophic healthcare bill and can have at least six years of (at least) moderately conservative common sense from half the Senators within the Massachusetts congressional delegation. Here is his victory speech in which he sounded more like the Lt. Colonel he is than the senator-elect from Massachusetts. Drink it up!

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