Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MA Senate Race Turns Brutal...literally

Just a few months ago Republican Scott Brown's chances at winning the special election to fill the late Senator Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy's seat didn't just seem slim, they were slim. In one of the most liberal states of the union his candidacy should have been a mere formality, but after basing a campaign based entirely on "being the 41st vote" to stop ObamaCare he has now closed to within one point in a race his opponent, Democrat state Attorney General Martha Coakley, once led by 30 points.

And so, naturally, the Democrats are getting nervous...really nervous, in fact. So nervous that just yesterday, AG Coakley went into Washington, D.C., to attend a fundraiser to try and help salvage her sinking campaign. And that's when it happened. Coakley operatives have resorted to battering the press when they ask too many questions.

Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack was in attendance at that D.C. fundraiser, and while attempting to ask a few questions outside of the venue, well, I'll let him tell the story:
As I walked down the street, a man who appeared to be associated with the Coakley campaign pushed me into a freestanding metal railing. I ended up on the sidewalk. I was fine. He helped me up from the ground, but kept pushing up against me, blocking my path toward Coakley down the street.

He asked if I was with the media, and I told him I work for THE WEEKLY STANDARD. When I asked him who he worked for he replied, "I work for me." He demanded to see my credentials, and even though it was a public street, I showed them to him.
Democrats reacted the way you may blaming it on Republicans. No, seriously, they did. Stop laughing. But then the video surfaced...
But documentary evidence won't stop Democrats. No, after the tape surfaced the Coakley campaigned insisted they had no idea who had pushed Mr. McCormack. And then the chief lawmaker of Massachussets, the Attorney General Madame Coakley herself, said she was not "privy" to all the facts, even going so far as to insist she is being stalked by those evil Republicans.
"I know there were people following, including two from the Brown campaign who have been very aggressive in their stalking,” Coakley told reporters during an appearance at Kit Clark Senior Services in Dorchester. “I’m not sure what happened. I know something occurred, but I’m not privy to the facts. I’m sure it will come out, but I’m not aware of that.”
But, unfortunately for Ms. Coakley, the facts always get in the way of whatever liberals say as we all learned when this photo surfaced, showing us she was a bit more "privy to the facts" than she let on. In fact, it appears she witnessed the whole attack:
To make this easy for all of you, the woman on the left is Madame Coakley. The big guy standing over Mr. McCormack is the assailant, who turns out to be..wait for it. Wait for it....working on the Coakley campaign!! Hot Air fills us in:
That would be Michael Meehan of Blue Line Strategic Communications, who has worked for John Kerry, Maria Cantwell, and was sent to Massachusetts by the DSCC to handle “messaging” for Coakley.

You know, a state Attorney General should be the person to enforce the law — especially, as this photo shows, she witnessed the assault and battery …
Now, after lying, denying and trying to portray themselves as the victims in all of this, Mr. Meehan has finally issued an apology. Now the Democrats are doing what they do best when they are caught being ruthless brutes; pontificating about how we should "move on" and just "focus on the issues".

How about this for an issue: The attorney general of Massachussets and candidate for the U.S. Senate witnessed what is probably a prosecutable crime perpetrated by one of her henchman and lied about her knowledge of the crime, making her a criminal, too. Tsk, tsk, madame Attorney General.

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