Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mayor Bill White makes campaign stop in San Antonio ::snore::

Texas gubernatorial candidate and San Antonio native Mayor Bill White made his first campaign visit in the Countdown City this week.

White blasted Perry on a handful of issues including education. White states he's eager to work towards improving the education system in Texas with specific programs geared towards helping "Hispanics and other minorities." Additionally, White has a brilliant scheme for decreasing the drop out rate: "...Letting people know that by leaving school early they will cut their earning ability in half." With ideas as revolutionary as this one, White should have world hunger and world peace solved BEFORE he ever makes it to the Governors Mansion.

White's, obviously targeted statements to the Hispanic community of South Texas are nothing short of insulting. If his overall goal is to advance the quality of public education for the state of Texas, then that's fine. I'm all for it, but by singling out the Hispanic community he is reducing his statements to political rhetoric to advance the Hispanic GOTV while simultaneously insulting the whole of the Hispanic community. Clearly, those po' Mesicans wouldn't get anywhere without
that White guy, guey. Enough with the political pandering, let's see some action. Show me how you are going to better the quality of education FOR ALL students, not just those Hispanic sounding names.


  1. Horale wedo!
    White was endorsed by ex San Antonio mayor and egomaniac Phil Hardberger.

  2. LOL Freeta. Apparently we need all the help we can get. Glad Van de putte gave her seal of approval! Let's bring out Tony Sanchez' and Castro twins while were at it!