Friday, December 4, 2009

By The Numbers

A few numbers and statistics for you today:

The number of Americans who view torture as "justified" is now at a five year high according to a Pew Poll.

President Obama's job approval is at 48% according to...CNN? It's about time. Rasmussen has known this for weeks! His RCP average is below 50% as well, at 49.3%.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is getting pounced by his two likely Republican opponents by as much as 10 points. Poor Harry.

The unemployment rate dropped to 10% according to the government report released today, likely due to the traditional uptick in employment during the holiday season.

it's currently 30 degrees in San Antonio, and Houston (yes, Houston, as in Houston, Texas) recorded its earliest snowfall evah!! today, which surely came as a surprise to green geeks everywhere who probably don't think much of the mega-huge scandal involving hacked emails from some of the top global warming fanatics out there, otherwise known as "climategate". If you haven't heard of it it may be because the networks have been virtually silent on the matter.

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