Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lifting The Veil: America Finally Meets Barack Obama

To those of us who are in full control of our mental capacities, this was a no brainer. We warned them, didn't we? But, late as it is, the America that elected Barack "Hope-n-Change" Obama to the presidency without knowing not a fleeting fact about him is finally awakening to a very dire fact: the Barry they created in their heads does not exist.

Exhibit A comes from one of my favorite websites, RealClearPolitics. Obama's average approval rating fell below the 50% threshold months ago, but has always been at least a couple of points above his disapproval rating. But now, for the first time in his presidency, Mr. O's average approval number is now tied with his disapproval rating at 47.9%. It's all down hill from here, ladies and gentlemen. My favorite pollster, Scott Rasmussen has his disapproval number at 57%!

Exhibit B comes in the form of the latest Gallup poll showing that 51% do not want Barry to be reelected. Poor, Barry.

So why has the public soured so badly on the president. The simple answer is that everything I said would happen has happened. He has betrayed the public trust with incalculable lies and a budget deficit larger than the budgets of small nations. He managed to do most of this with the passage of a single bill we all call "Obamacare". To uncover the lies told to get that 2,000 page clusterfark through Congress, we turn to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in a piece titled "ObamaCare: The Ruse Exposed":
Enacting a law is one thing; implementing it is another. And early indications about ObamaCare's implementation via new regulations suggest this law will validate its critics' dire predictions.

The president repeatedly promised Americans that they'd be able to keep their existing health coverage under ObamaCare. Yet an early regulatory draft -- of his administration's own making -- predicts that in just three years, changes that employers will have to make will put 51 percent of workers into plans subject to new federal requirements.

Those changes will raise -- not rein in -- costs. And employers will have to keep modifications to deductibles, co-payments and benefits within a narrow range -- defined by unelected bureaucrats -- or lose their "grandfathered" plans' exemptions from those otherwise mandatory changes.
We already discussed his lies about the federal insurance mandate not being a tax a few days ago. Heck, we even had video to prove that one. The genius is not only terrible at leadership but he totally sucks at lying, too.

Beyond healthcare, Americans have watched for over 60 days now as oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico with absolutely zero direction coming from the White House. In his now infamous "Awful Office Address" a few days ago, Barry promised to address this problem the way he has addressed every single other problem he has faced in his presidency. He appointed a "czar" and formed a commission. And apprently, its not a very good commission either. Click the link to read about what a travesty this thing is.

Of course, we should have seen that coming, too, I suppose. His commissions' track records are spectacularly awful. The commission that Mr. Obama appointed to come up with a solution to our expanding budget deficit has...are you ready...this is really gonna throw you for a out of money!!!! That's right. The commission appointed by our fearless leader to propose solutions to lower the deficit is now running its own deficit. Who knew you couldn't spell "irony" without O-B-A-M-A?

It comes down to one word. Incompetence. Period.

I've said it once, twice, a million times and I'll say it again. Just elect conservatives and everything will be ok. I promise.

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