Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Not long after the healthcare bill passed the Senate and was signed into law by our fearless leader, Barry O, I was told the true story of a woman's disenchantment with Mr. Obama. Her sentiments seem to me to be a problem with no solution. Let me explain.

The afore mentioned woman is black, voted for Obama, but has found herself completely outraged (outraged!) that Mr. O could do something like nationalize the healthcare industry. You see, this woman works in a very particular sect of the insurance industry which stands to be shoved out of existence by ObamaCare if it actually gets carried out in its entirety. I found her disenchantment difficult to understand. Indeed, Barry had made a nationalized healthcare system a cornerstone of his campaign. Had this hapless woman simply not believed him?

No, she just wasn't listening. And it's high time people like her were called out on it. The time for subtlety with these people is over. They blindly voted for someone because he was handsome (gag me), eloquent and "fresh" (whatever the hell that means) and black. She can be proud to know she was part of a group of millions of Americans duped into voting for someone based on nothing short of a gut feeling and now the country is paying for their gross negligence, willful ignorance and racial bloc voting. She wanted to be a part of history, damn the consequences.

And that's about what it boils down to. Accountability. I was listening to some talking heads on one of the cable news channels. They were having a round table discussion on who should be held acccountable in the government for the oil spill disaster and the government's poor response. Not one of them had the correct answer. Because if you're a conservative like me, and you believe that ours is a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" then it's quite simple to determine who is responsible. Who put this man into office? Who, despite all of our most dire warnings about his inexperience and opportunism (to say nothing of his God complex), decided they would cast caution to the wind and vote for him anyway? It is a group comprised of people like the woman mentioned above.

They deserve our scorn and nastiness. They deserve to be cursed in public. They deserve to be reminded everyday until this national nightmare is over that they are responsible for the dismantling of our values and culture. I would love to be able to tell you that I think we should rise above that and take the moral high road. But I can say beyond doubt that when it comes to policy and preserving our most cherished values as Americans, I honestly have no use for these people.

Do you?

EDIT: This post has been edited from it's original publication, however no substantive changes have been made.

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