Thursday, November 26, 2009

Texas vs. California

I came across an article during my daily google search for "why texas is awesome." (That was a joke, I only do that about once a week.) The article, written by Olsen Ebright, Jonathan Lloyd and Jenna Briand, lists the "top 10 reasons" California is better than Texas. Written on November 2 of this year my first thought was why an article of this sort would need to be a collaborative effort between three journalists; especially since this scathing rebuttle will be written by only me, and be totally effective at that. But I digress.

Among the best reasons given are the following uber-convincing "facts"(I'm not making this up):

Number 10 - "People want to come here."

Number 8 - "Our waistlines are under control."

Number 6 - And I quote; "Our governor can beat up your governor."

Number 4 - "Plenty of eyecandy"

Number 1 - "Texas isn't home to George W. Bush"

As you can see, the list is a real intellectual masterpiece. Don't worry, though, I think I can manage responding to this without pointing out that Californians are leaving in droves to come to Texas. I can do it without mentioning that Texas is now viewed as the model of how to run a state. I'll even refrain from using silly (but true) arguments like "Texas doesn't have earthquakes". No, I don't have to do any of those things because it really boils down to this:

"Journalists" in Texas aren't writing pitiful, pansy-ass, laugh-out-loud hillarious articles begging Texans to stay here. Jealous much?

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