Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How The GOP Got Her Groove Back

There is a tendancy, perhaps, to believe that the Repulican party has had little to do with it's recent surge in popularity. One would be misguided, however, to overlook the steely discipline and "return to principles" the GOP has undergone since the great Democrat takeover. Still, you have to admit that the blunders of our amateur-in-chief have certainly helped. His daily (and I do mean daily) fuck ups are piling on, leaving onlookers either deathly nauseated or utterly confused.

As of this post, there have been three polls in the last week showing our gallant leader with an approval rating under 50%: Gallup, 49, Rasmussen, 45, FNC, 46. Most importantly within the data is the the glistening jewel of hope amid the numbers of the Rasmussen poll. Not only is his approval rating at 45%, but The One's disapproval numbers are at a whopping %54. That leaves President Hopenchange with an approval index of -9 points. Ouch, Barry. Ouch.

Alas, he has brought it all upon himself. Three months (Three months! Three! One, two, three!) after General McChrystal asked for additional troops, President Obama has finally decided to send 34,000 soldiers to Afghanistan to reinforce our military there. Or (to measure time the same way liberals preferred to measure time during the Iraq war) three months and about 170 dead U.S. soldiers who died waiting for the President to quit dithering and make a decision. This is change we can believe in.

Or maybe the change comes in a Healthcare reform bill opposed by 56% of Americans:
The big takeaway from the internals is, as always, independent voters. They are looking a lot more like Republicans on this issue. Where Republican voters oppose ObamaCare 83/13, independents aren’t far behind at 70/23. Self-described moderates have fled as well, opposing ObamaCare by almost exactly the overall topline, 55/39.

Majorities of both men (61%) and women (52%) among likely voters now oppose ObamaCare. Every age demographic except 18-29 year olds oppose it by majorities ranging from 58% to 65%. Every income demographic except the under-$20K group opposes it by a majority, even the heretofore sympathetic $100K+ demo, which opposes it 58/41 — with 50% strongly opposed.
It alost makes me sad for Mr. Obama, except not really because I completely hope his healthcare bill flops like a fat guy at a diving contest.

Maybe it's not Afghanistan or healthcare that is causing independents to flock to the GOP by a 24-point margin. Maybe Americans are disgusted and appalled that tens of billions of dollars in stimulus money went to congressionsal districts that do not exist!!! That's right. Even though there are 435 congressional districts, the government-run economic recovery website lists 875...more than double the actual amount. Perhaps its the fact that the guy in charge of Obama's "Recovery Board", Early Devaney, says he is not able to certify that the jobs "created or saved" listed on the administration's recovery.org website are accurate. In fact, at least 10% of the jobs listed are phony. That includes over 90,000 (and counting) phantom jobs that newspapers have found so far, to say nothing of the 60,000 jobs the administration itself slashed from the report for not being able to justify the numbers.

Maybe it's one bow, after another, after another.
I used to call the administration a clown car, but it's really more like a gas chamber where accountability, logic, reason and class go to die.

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  1. Yeah, there's a counterpoint I could make for each one of these, but they're wrapped up in such a nice little bow of circular logic, I'll refrain from untying it. :)