Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hook, Line and We're Sinking

Point of Order No. 4,321,458:

A recent study released by the Heritage Foundation states that the depedency index under President Obama has grown an astounding 23% during his reign er I mean presidency.

In just a mere two years 67 million (yes that's MILLION) people are now relying on federal aid in one form or another. explains "In 2010, for the first time ever, average spending on dependence programs per recipient exceeded the country's per-capita disposable income."

The Left would have you believe that the reason behind this spike is mainly the crap economy, but WE'RE NOT BUYING IT.

In true Demo fashion BO has to create a dependency among the voting base so he'll have something "positive" to discuss on the campaign trail & like a broken record we'll hear it over and over and over again...

We'll hear such great hits as: " I belong to the party of social equality, the party that keeps you fed, in a warm home and at the doctors office if need be..." and the classic "A vote for me is a vote for your security, the Republicans can't WAIT to take these programs away!" You'll be sure to hear these aforementioned tunes on his next LP ScareTactics 2012 out this November. The CD will feature a duet with Joe Biden and Kanye West entitled "George W. Bush Still Hates Black People".

By creating this base of individuals who are largely dependent on the government Obama is attempting to solidify his next term. A few problems here 1) we're on to you 2) we're paying for it 3) we're sick of it. continues: "The report also found that spending on "dependence programs" accounts for more than 70% of the federal budget. That, too, is up dramatically. In 1990, for example, the figure stood at 48.5%, and in 1962 just over a quarter of federal spending went to dependence programs."

If these numbers are not making you feel very angry inside YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Start, because we are paying for this. You. Me. & Everyone else we work with because those receiving these benefits sure as hell aren't pitching in.... "fewer Americans pay income taxes, the report notes. Almost half (49.5%) didn't pay income taxes in 2009, the latest year for which the researchers have data. Back in the late 1960s, only 12% of Americans escaped the income tax burden."

Wake up America. November can not possibly get here fast enough. It's time to send a message to Washington & that message is Mr. President it's not karaoke night, it's election night. Pack your bags & give us back our country.

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